About us

Our mission statement:

St Mary the Virgin, Ashford. A sacred space and a shared space,
proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in the heart of the town.

St Mary’s is one of a several Church of England parishes grouped together in May 2016, and known as the Ashford Town Parish.

Christians have worshipped in this holy place for over one thousand years. With it’s distinctive and fully working bell tower, St Mary’s can be clearly seen and occasionally heard as visitors approach the town. Like all ancient places of worship, the building has been subject to dramatic changes and developments over the centuries and our church bears the marks of significant renewal, even to recent times when in 2010, the nave and west end of the building was re-ordered to create a flexible and shared space for a local arts charity, Revelation Ashford.

During the Coronavirus pandemic please check the latest news and information published on our weekly sheet, which you will find on the home page. We very much look forward to reopening St Mary’s for worship in due course. In the meantime please follow the link on the weekly sheet to join us on Zoom at 10am every Sunday if you are able. If you have an enquiry or need further information, please contact the parish office on 01233 620433 or email: phil.sibbald@shfordchurches.co.uk

When it is safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming you into this truly awe-inspiring sacred space, especially anyone seeking solace and peace, to offer prayer to God. Our prayer for you is that you will encounter the living, loving God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit wherever you are today.

Reverend Richard Bellamy
Priest to Ashford Town Centre
and Chaplain to Ashford School


Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Lis Webb. She can be contacted on 07849 903378 or by email: safeguarding@ashfordchurches.co.uk

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